About Us

Himalyan volunteer offers once in a lifetime opportunities. We organize adventure travel and volunteer programs in many parts of Nepal, which gives our participants the chance to experience the real Nepal. While the volunteer work is in the South Asian region, you will have a singular Nepali adventure. Some of the placement options include: working within local communities and villages, orphan homes for underprivileged children, teaching English in local schools, health care and medical elective services, as well as working with Buddhist monks.
Short-term volunteer opportunities in Nepal are becoming more popular with the rise of “volun-tourism”. Many tourists visiting Nepal wish to spend some of their vacation in a more enriching way, by helping the local communities or being involved in caring for children of the orphanages.
Explore Nepal for unique opportunities! Our volunteer and gap year adventure, expeditions and tours are making a difference in Nepal. We also offer more adventurous opportunities like trekking up Everest, roughing it with indigenous and ethnic tribes in the south, or just relaxing in the perfect atmosphere of the Himalayas. As always, if you just join one of our meaningful placements, reserve your place today!