BIMAL – Director & Founder


Bimal is the Director and Founder of Himalayan Volunteers, our inspirational leader, prior to Himalayan Volunteers; BImal had traveled extensively and loved ‘giving back’ at home and abroad. As a result, he witnessed first-hand both the good and the bad of volunteering, and was determined to be part of an organization that was ‘different’… one who’s focus was on the communities, volunteers and partners. Bimal understands the requirements of meaningful and sustainable volunteer programs, and is passionate about ensuring Himalayan Volunteers operates in accordance with that original vision.

As Director of HV, Bimal oversees all aspects of the organization – a truly mammoth task in itself, yet he still relishes the direct contact he had with all of our amazing volunteers on a daily basis. He had personally assisted, guided, and supported volunteers carry out meaningful, life-changing projects. If you have any questions regarding Himalayan Volunteers, volunteering, traveling, or any of the wonderful programs we offer, feel free to contact him.

 I have been privileged and honored to meet so many amazing peoples , and inspiring person   who are dedicated to helping others; and to have the opportunity to experience some life-changing projects. The joy and happiness one person can bring to the life of another less fortunate has filled me with a sense of hope and I always look forward to sharing this with others.”

Prem – Non Executive Director and Co-founder


Mr. Prem is interesting person with unlimited fun in volunteer. Prem is doing paragliding and runs Home Stay in  pokhara  ( Pokhara homestay)   He can speak Japanese fluently and Chinese a bit. He always likes to tell the stories and riddle with the volunteers when they feel boring to give them energy. Prem is well known in world matter.. He lives like there is no tomorrow. He wants to live every day every minute every single second. Prem says I don’t want to worry for tomorrow coz no one see tomorrow. Let the worry to worry for worry. Man of skill always got new vision. Member of support  Karnali  group. Engages  in  many public activities and volunteering.

BINOD – Project Coordinator 


Binod is truly and nice guy who mostly coordinates volunteer projects all around the Nepal and also take volunteer to sightseeing and take language classes when necessary. He is multi-talented guy with lots of enthusiasm and helpful nature always lure volunteers to come back again and again in Himalayan volunteer. During placements of volunteers, if anything wrong happens then Binod will help to seek the best way for its solution and better arrangements. Binod have been working with Himalayan volunteer with heart and soul in his study he have done his gradutuation from London in hospitality management so he know how to take care of the volunteers beside volunteer binod is active in hiking ,trekking and also paragliding . Binod is smart, sweet and honest guy who is always willing to help others in need and he promised to give all his remaining life in social service and serving poor people.

MAYA – Volunteer Coordinator


Maya is volunteer coordinator and has been working with volunteer organizations for long time.  She has much experience teaching the Nepali language and local cultural traditions.  Maya   manages volunteer placements and relationships, and is responsible for coordinating our volunteers with placements due to current community needs and schedules their training programs.  She matches each volunteer to a suitable project that will enhance their cultural education and provides accommodations for volunteers at their placement.  Maya meets with volunteers and discusses with them which program would be the best fit for their given needs, previous experiences, and personality. She got over two years experience in Montessori .She is always focus on her duty and responsibilities she got from organization.