Health and Medical Programs

There is a high demand for volunteer nurses, doctors and health specialists in Nepal. Placements are for volunteers aged 19 and over in hospitals, health centers, on health education programs (in Schools, Communities and Universities), and in orphanages.


A medical qualification is not an essential requirement but involvement will be based on experience and training. Depending on the placement and the volunteer’s prior skill, duties can include giving basic health care; counseling patients; researching and putting together health documents (e.g. on HIV/AIDS); helping ill  patients (with feeding, dressing, teaching, playing games) and organizing educational workshops.


Volunteers will be placed with a local Doctor and/or Nurse who will guide them in different tasks and activities at the placement. It is important to note that as a volunteer, you will not be allowed to partake in serious procedures and will be job ‘shadowing’. However, depending on the volunteer’s level of experience, they may observe operations, provide assistance in basic procedures and visit patients, before and after surgery.