Volunteer in orphanages

Program description
For orphaned children one of the most beneficial things for them is to be able to have access to Education. As it provides more opportunities for them in the future. Resources are often scarce so if they have access to a teacher it will be a great advantage to them. Depending on your own expertise and interests, you can teach English, drawing, songs, music, dance, cooking, or any number of activities, and generally just spend quality time with the children.

Our volunteers either live at the orphanage or in neighboring host families. You will be able to help with many things, taking care of the needs of the children: teaching them, getting them ready for school. Consequently it is can be challenging but also one of the most rewarding experiences you can have, as you are improving the lives of the children.

Your day will consist of teaching for a few hours in the morning and in the evening, and in the afternoon looking after the general well being of the children. There is also the option of helping at a local school whilst staying at the orphanage.

Most orphanages also welcome assistance from Volunteers for the organizations themselves. This involves working with staff to develop marketing, fundraising, and program strategies for the orphanage.

Working at the orphanage home includes: Helping children for their school work, encouraging the children, teaching them English language and other discipline.

Requirements: There are no specific requirements for the program. However the best things you can have are patience and a genuine desire to teach and help the children; plus a sense of humor!