Environment Protection Volunteers Project

An opportunity exists for volunteers who are passionate about the environment and making a difference. In Nepal the environment is deteriorating rapidly. Sadly, this is due to poor management of the environment and the lack of incentives for increasing the value of environmental resources. It is surprising to note that nature has been the most neglected subject in Nepal. Massive deforestation activities have had devastating effects, which has contributed to Nepal’s current crisis.

Nepal is rich in natural resources, but due to a demand for firewood, this has left the forest cover dwindling at an alarming rate. The growing human settlement in forested land and industrialization has also intensified the problem. Many local non-government and international organizations have been raising awareness against the issue. The effect of this campaign can be seen with community forest and local initiatives hoping to halt the process of deforestation.

Realizing the dire need for nature conservation, we started village nurseries in different rural and urban areas of Nepal, where volunteers could prepare seedlings of different plant species and distribute these free to the local people. Volunteers have the chance to teach and share ideas about environmental awareness in local schools and villages in Nepalese communities. Example projects include creating green clubs, planting flower gardens, planting trees, garbage management, recycling programs, making smokeless stoves, building a toilet pit, etc. Environmental Awareness activities and programs can also be undertaken in the children’s home we currently serve. In this setting, projects could include: informing children about the hazards of inappropriate garbage disposal, building a compost bin and teaching the children how to maintain it, and/or creating paper recycling stations to teach the children a valuable skill that could ultimately be used in their future.

Himalaya volunteers  promotes environmental awareness and conservation methods among local children and villages. Foreign volunteers have an opportunity to gain new insights into sustainable agriculture, environmental protection and resource management, while promoting community development activities in Nepal.